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Yiling  Lin

I am currently a data scientist in an AI start up (, and will join in the MACSS program this fall.  I am interested in understanding the boundary between different fields, and transfer learning on mind.

Algorithms and visualizations  

Forced-directed Layout

Text Embedding and Evolution of the knowledge sky

Recommend System

Keyword Extraction

Algorithms Details

Force-directed layout

realized repulsive force to arrange the layout, adding the clearity of knowledge map in 2-D.

text embeddings and evolution 

used BOW, Word2Vec to embed the text into vectors, T-sne+ to lower down dimension and evolute the knowledge sky .
(click here for a clip on Youtube)


recommending system

implementing and modifying Deep Learning approaches(including GCN, GraphSAGE) to learn the pattern of learning habbit of users on a website(

keywords extraction

constructing the knowledge structure around 'complex system' and 'artificial intelligence' based on wikipedia pages.

Exploration Interests

To understand the individual and group's learning shock with Deep Learning including NLP and Graph neural network, especially to understand how analogy works for learning.

To understand how cities are shaped.  (have explored London's traffic network, touched the interesting but seemingly superficial pattern of city's growth, so what else?)

Expressive ways to visualize research findings


1601 A, Tianyuan apartment


wechat: bnulylsocute